Gregory specializes in all forms of digital copywriting, editing, and content strategy. 

His style is simple, clear, and compelling. He loves a good story. Tell him yours and he’ll make it sing.

Gregory’s process is this – listen, study the metricssimplify, and retell the story with compelling clarity.

His approach is creatively logical. As a college professor, he learned to retell complex ideas in easy to understand, memorable ways. He brings the same skill to every writing and marketing project.


A core principle of good writing is “know your audience.” For business writing, this means “know your customer.”

After all, knowledge of your target audience is a necessary step towards creating pervasive, relevant content.

Gregory understands that to generate increased revenue through content marketing, you’ve got to know what your audience wants. Without this focus, you’re just contributing to the noise. 


Gregory has an extensive background writing online learning courses, textbooks, and educational support materials.

At Summit Training Source, he was immersed in online and interactive DVD courses focusing on OSHA related environmental, health, and safety training for office and manufacturing employees at Fortune 500 companies. 

At Amway, Gregory was a content and subject matter specialist for various e-learning programs designed to help sell Amway’s broad range of consumer products, including vitamins, sports nutrition, skincare, personal care, and home cleaning items. 

Gregory continues to apply his expertise in online learning by writing real estate education courses for licensing, broker training, and real estate law. He is also co-authoring a licensing textbook – Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals – due out at the end of 2019. 


Gregory’s process of listening, simplifying, and then retelling with compelling clarity earned him a successful career as a professional writer.

    • Web Editor – Amway Corporate – 2004-2014
    • Communications Director – Summit Training Source – 2000 – 2004
    • Past clients include Steelcase, Meijer,, Mercy Health, Bissell, Pfizer, Gordon Food Services, multiple online retailers, Kent County Animal Shelter, and several nonprofit, church, and religious organizations.

Gregory has expertise in a wide range of formats, from product descriptions to advertising writing to all forms of digital and online copy, including corporate and product blogging, email marketing, social media for business, and mobile content.

He’s also an experienced academic, business, and technical editor, having edited book length works, academic magazines and journals, and several religious blogs.

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