Convivium is an ongoing set of informal, smaller gatherings and discussions across West Michigan. Our goal is to foster Christian community through conservation, socializing, hospitality, and meals, usually at people’s homes.

We’re not a church, nor affiliated with any church or denomination. We’re post denominational, post institutional – an informal, yet structured, community of friends and associates interested in interacting. 

We’re not looking to replace anyone’s church or institutional commitments. Rather, we seek to provide a safe space for people of various traditions and perspectives to gather in authentic community, often “at table,” over a meal.

The open table – the notion of hospitality and openness – is a central Christian metaphor and practice. Welcoming people to one’s “table” and into one’s life can be a rewarding experience. 

Convivium gatherings are open to anyone, regardless of background, denomination, or faith commitment.

Gatherings usually include prayer, socializing, food or a meal, a reading for discussion, and may revolve around celebrating a holiday.

We talk about our lives and how we understand them and engage a variety of topics, including theology, scripture, and spirituality.

Convivium is a Latin word that roughly translates as gathering, feasting, or celebratory meals. The roots of convivium are con – with, and vive – life –  in other words, convivium means to celebrate life with others.

Contact Gregory to learn about future gatherings.


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