Gregory Gronbacher is a licensed, ordained pastor serving individuals, communities, and their families throughout West Michigan.

He studied theology and philosophy in both the U.S. and Europe and is affiliated with ConviviumThe Open Table Project, the Progressive Christian Alliance, and the Northumbria Community. He is a member of the Grand Rapids Quaker community.

Christianity Beyond Institutions

Today, increasing numbers of people find religious meaning and belonging beyond the walls of traditional places of worship. They no longer maintain formal membership in a particular church or denomination. Nevertheless, they still yearn for genuine community and spirituality.

Gregory’s ministry reflects the new realities happening in churches and denominations across the nation. His is an independent ministry, rooted in community, yet not formally part of any denomination or specific church. This model requires ministers to maintain professional careers that help support their livelihood and ministry.

Gregory serves in several smaller communities, some of which follow a home-based church model. He’s a member of the Grand Rapids Quaker community, a founding member of Convivium, and engaged with various projects and ministries across West Michigan.

Originally from New York City, the Grand Rapids, Michigan area has been his home since 1995. He earned his B.A. in philosophy and theology at Franciscan University in Ohio, his M.Phil. in philosophy and political economy at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein, and completed his doctoral studies (Ph.D.) in Dublin, Ireland with the Jesuits.

Gregory serves people of all backgrounds, regardless of where they are in life or their particular religious commitments.

Please feel free to reach out to Gregory – 616-710-0641 – for further information or with any questions.


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