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Nourish is an ongoing set of informal, intimate gatherings and discussions across West Michigan. We seek to foster interfaith, spiritual community through conversation, socializing, hospitality, and meals, usually at people’s homes. 

We’re not a church, nor affiliated with any church, denomination, or even tradition. We’re post denominational, post institutional – an informal, yet structured, community of friends and associates interested in interacting, socializing, and exchanging ideas.

We’re interested in nourishing ideas, community, and soul

We’re not looking to be a church or formal institution. Rather, we seek to provide a safe space for people of various traditions and perspectives to gather in authentic community, often “at table,” over a meal.

Nourish gatherings welcome anyone, regardless of background, denomination, or faith commitment. We come from, and have engaged ideas, from a variety of traditions – Christian, Jewish, Neopagan, Buddhist, Atheist – and other. 

Gatherings usually include reflection, silence, meditation-prayer, socializing, food or a meal, a reading for discussion, and may revolve around celebrating a holiday. We try to keep things simple – a reflection, maybe a reading, lighting some candles, a little wine, a bit of silence, and lots of conversation. 

We talk about our lives and how we understand them and engage a variety of topics, including culture, theology, scripture, and spirituality.

If you’d like to join us for a discussion or gathering, or learn more, contact Gregory at