Gregory is a writer, teacher, real estate professional, and social philosopher. 

Raised in New York City (Howard Beach), Gregory left the Big Apple in 1987 for Franciscan University in Ohio. After graduating, he spent most of the 1990s in Europe, working on his master's degree in Liechtenstein and then his doctorate and university teaching in Ireland

Today, he calls Grand Rapids, Michigan, home. Grand Rapids is Pure Michigan's second-largest city. It sits thirty minutes east of Lake Michigan. The city's past is tied to furniture making, while its present and future are deeply connected to its vibrant arts communities.

Gregory's passion for bringing people together shapes his professional and personal activities – including his work in real estate sales, teaching, and writing. And as an independent scholar, he remains engaged in scholarly projects focused on Western culture in the post-modern, post-Christian, and post-secular age. You'll also find Gregory engaged in various community projects, including Fair Housing and LGBT civil rights, gathering friends for meals, and discussing various topics into the night.

A committed minimalist, he is also a lover of all things Irish and English.

Franciscan University
Steubenville, Ohio (1987-1990)
BA in Theology, Philosophy, and Political Science

Franciscan is a vibrant Catholic liberal arts university in Eastern Ohio.

International Academy of Philosophy
Schaan, Liechtenstein (1991-1992)
M.Phil in Philosophy and Political Economy

The Academy was an academic center focused on contemporary continental philosophy, including personalism and phenomenology.

Trinity College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland (1992-1996)
Ph.D. in Philosophy

The degree was awarded through the Loyola Institute, a Jesuit academic institute affiliated with Trinity College. Doctoral research focused on social philosophy and political economy.

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Greenridge Realty
Grand Rapids, MI 2014 - Present
Real Estate Sales & Advising Real Estate School
Grand Rapids, MI 2016 - Present
Real Estate Licensing Instructor

Freelance Digital Copywriting
Grand Rapids, MI 1999 – Present
(Principal) Freelance & Contract Digital Copywriting / Editing

Amway Corporation
Ada, MI 2004 – 2014
Web Editor - UI/UX Core Team

Summit Training Source
Grand Rapids, MI 1999 - 2004
Strategic Communications Director

Mount Aloysius College
Cresson, PA 1996 - 1998
Philosophy Professor

Milltown Institute
(Pontifical Academy)
Dublin, Ireland 1992 – 1999
University Lecturer of Philosophy

All Hallows College
Dublin, Ireland 1994 - 1996
Visiting Lecturer of Philosophy

Digital Communication Certificate
PRSA - 2018

Social Media Marketing Certificate
HubSpot Academy - 2017

Verified Copywriting Specialist
American Writers & Artists Institute - 2016

Usability Analyst
Human Factors International - 2014

Digital Copywriter
Mediabistro, New York - 2013

User-Centered Design
Michigan State University - 2012

eMarketing Association - 2007

Gregory Gronbacher is a social philosopher and cultural theorist exploring the interplay between religion, society, and human nature in the metamodern cultural paradigm emerging from the postmodern, post-Christian, post-secular period.

As an independent research scholar, Gregory focuses on the meaning crisis in Western culture, contemporary Irish culture, late-stage capitalism and consumerism, the philosophy of human sexuality, and the ethical and cultural aspects of emerging AI technologies. He engages these and other themes through the lenses of metamodernism, emergent evolutionary theory, and liberal naturalism.

Regarding religious and theological research, Gregory explores themes in Catholic Humanism, Christianity and culture, theological anthropology, historical Jesus scholarship, spiritual ecology, and the rapprochement of religion and science in the post-Christian, post-secular age.


20th-Century Continental Philosophy
Predominately phenomenological realism and personalism, as well as various existential philosophies.

Virtue & Natural Law Ethics
Approaching morality as practical actions that promote human flourishing as understood from a reasoned, teleological reflection on human nature informed by tradition(s).

Social Theory & Political Economy
Promoting cultural, social, political, and economic systems rooted in liberalism, with broad support for free markets, social and participatory democracy, and imbued by a moral vision colored by humanism and Catholic personalism.

The Intellectual History of Western Culture
Tracing the development of Western thought from antiquity to today, with particular emphasis on religion, cultural narratives, epistemology, and truth theories.

Liberal & Poetic Naturalism
Two forms of naturalism that admit to the validity of a broader range of human experience, including concerns of normativity, value perception, aesthetics, and the search for meaning. 

Nouvelle Théologie
A 19th and 20th Century European Catholic and Anglican movement aimed at a ressourcement of Christian theology. It was a period of revitalizing theology by applying new philosophical methods.

Catholic Social Thought
The body of practical Catholic teaching focused on politics, economics, and culture as primarily found in the Social Encyclicals and characterized by themes of human dignity, freedom, and human rights.

The Thought of John Paul II
The philosophical and theological works of John Paul II and his unique blend of phenomenology, personalism, and nouvelle theologie.

Catholic Humanism
Exploring forms of Catholic spirituality influenced by metamodernism, humanism, emergent evolutionary theory, and liberal naturalism.

Historical Jesus Scholarship
Understanding Jesus of Nazareth through cultural and historical sources and approaches. The scholarship is controversial and diverse but central to any renewal of Christianity.



Spiritual Naturalist Society
~ Executive Director

The Oran Mor Project
~ Founder & Director

Westar Institute
~ Affiliated Scholar


Theos UK
~ Member

Sea of Faith Institute
~ Member

Ignatian Solidarity Network
~ Member



A supporter of Mercy for Animals, an organization dedicated to improving the conditions of factory-farmed animals, Gregory also supports Hearts of Hope Animal Rescue and the Humane Society of West Michigan


Gregory has taught with the Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF), a community project shaped by the conviction that all people deserve safe, clean, affordable housing. He remains active in a variety of Fair Housing issues across West Michigan.


In the late 1990s, Gregory served on the board of directors of the Grand Rapids LGBT Network. In 2001 he co-founded Hinges, an LGBT professional and social association. In 2014-2015 he was active with Marriage for Michigan, a state-wide coalition seeking same-sex marriage rights.


Deeply influenced by his Irish and English ancestry and his years living in Dublin, Gregory continually learns about Irish and British culture and history.

Gregory takes occasional courses with the University of Galway’s Irish Studies program.

He's a member of the American Irish Historical Society, the Irish American Cultural Institute, The Celtic League, and the Cornwall Cultural Association

In terms of Irish literature, Gregory gravitates toward Oscar Wilde, Padraig O'Tuama, and John Moriarty.

As for music, no one compares to the inimitable Van Morrison, as well as Everything But the Girl.

A lover of poetry, Gregory particularly appreciates W.H. Auden, Paul Durcan, and Cathal O’Sharkey. Gregory is a member of the W.H. Auden Society.

He is also an admirer of the paintings of Henry Scott Tuke, Connor Mcguire, and The Group of Seven

Regarding Irish-English films, favorites include: Bedrooms & Hallways, Love Actually, Maurice, God's Own Country, Beautiful Thing, and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

As for Irish-British television, there are countless shows to mention, but among the best are Absolutely Fabulous, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Queer As Folk, Victoria, The Crown, Derry Girls, and Heartstopper.