Gregory writes for entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovators. He can help you reach your ideal client online, refine your sales funnel, and make your marketing more persuasive.


Process & Approach

Gregory’s style is simple, clear, and compelling. He loves a good story. Tell him yours and he’ll make it sing.

His process is this – listen, simplify, and retell with compelling clarity.

His approach is creatively logical. As a college professor, he learned to retell complex ideas in easy to understand, memorable ways. He brings the same skill to every writing and marketing project.


Gregory’s process of listening, simplifying, and then retelling with compelling clarity earned him a successful career as a professional writer.

  • Web Editor – Amway Corporate – 2004-2014
  • Communications Director – Summit Training Source – 2000 – 2004
  • Past clients include Steelcase, Meijer, Rent.com, Mercy Health, Bissell, Pfizer, multiple online retailers, and several churches and religious organizations.

Gregory has expertise in a wide range of formats, from marketing messages and ad writing to all forms of digital and online copy, including blogging, email, social media, mobile, and web content.

He’s also an experienced academic, business, and technical editor, having edited book length works, academic magazines and journals, and several religious blogs.

Call him at 616-710-0641 with your writing or marketing project.



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